Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Forest Hills Hotel

This idea is still floating around. It's a luxury hotel where the Ann Taylor Loft is now. Heskel means well and his buildings are definitely the best in the area, but this is a disaster unless we change the traffic patterns.

Austin Street is too narrow as it is, with a car trying to parallel park blocking traffic all down the street both ways. It takes two-three lights to make it through the Austin/Continental intersection on a good day. Then you've got the idiots and the mid-block U-turns. And Heskel wants to add a hotel and a bunch of big chain restaurants right in the middle of it? Even the picture can't be built, Austin St. is much smaller than that, those cars out front would be on the sidewalk.

Plus, why would Heskel want to build, in his words, a "mini-Manhattan" when there's a competing Manhattan 6 miles west? You think we can win that fight?

For this to happen, you have turn Austin St. into a wider one way street and eliminate all street parking, stopping the double parking and U-turns (tell everyone to pay $10 to park in the lot or take one of many public transport options).

But discussing it is a waste of time because there's no way this thing is getting built.