Friday, March 16, 2007

Frankie and Johnny's Pizza - No Mas

Frankie and Johnny's Pizza (next to the Midway) was closed this week by the board of health. While it's possible the inspectors might have mistaken some Rego Park taggin' teens for rats, there were probably other violations.

This place was up for sale for a while and there were understandably no takers. In the last few years there was a Krispy Kreme, pet store, and another pizzeria. It's an awkward spot for FoHi residents because unless you're going to the movies, there's no reason to be there. Delivery times always took longer than 90 minutes whenever I called, so that's out. So that leaves you with customers from the surrounding areas (Jamaica, Corona, Woodhaven) and that's not going to pay FoHi rent. Ciao Frankie and Johnny's. Tell H and H Bagels about the space on the way out.