Friday, March 23, 2007

Queens Greenway

There's a movement to get Queens' own High Line park, but it's being fought. In fact, many CB 6 board members are fighting the mere consideration of the idea - refusing to even agree to a free study. There's an abandoned railway (when you're on Metropolitan, it has that horrendous car wash banner hanging from it), that runs from Rego Park down to Ozone Park. Some people want to clean it up and make it a bike path/park.

Many residents are against it thinking it'll bring noise and other problems to their backyards (many of which the trail runs through). So they're fine with it being the useless eyesore that it is. The abandoned line runs next to the new Trader Joe's so it would be a nice way for those without cars to get there.

It's on the outskirts of FoHi, so it doesn't affect us too much. But it's a little disappointing to hear a provocative idea like this shot down so quickly. It's one of the first battles between Queens' lifers and the newbies coming in.

Barbara Stuchinski, head of the Forest Hills Civic Association, is the path's biggest opponent. She's against pretty much everything - but would love King George to come back to Austin St. The Daily News did a piece on Forest Hills a few months ago and Ms. Stuchinski was the source. All she did was lament about how great it used to be. King George used to be here, the drug store/soda fountain was there, etc. Who gives a rat's ass?