Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Wanted: Asian Fusion/Moroccan Lounge Experts

From the Craigslist Help Wanted Section:

Jade Eatery & Lounge in forest hills queens is seeking an expierienced, attractive, trendy waiter or waitress. We are a busy asian fusion restaurant / moroccan lounge. We are looking for someone to fill a full time position. 6 days tues-thurs 4pm-11pm, fri/sat 4pm-12:30, sun 4pm-10pm.

I admire Jade's resolve in getting a restaurant back into 1 Station Square. It was dark for years before their hard work turned out Jade and I applaud them. Asian Fusion? Fine. We've got 12 Thai places and 9 sushi ones, but fine. Have heard some great reviews and some bad ones. Everyone says the inside looks great.

But Moroccan Lounge? So if I go, is a monkey going to feed me dates? I don't know if this was an attempt at trying to be downtown or a play to get our tinted-window silver Maxima driving friends to order bottle service and pretend they're playaz.