Saturday, April 28, 2007

The Future of Forest Hills Part 2

Also years away, but also good.

Forest Hills to get two new schools

If you don't' feel like clicking through, the article says Forest Hills is getting a new junior high and high school in 2010. It'll be by Metropolitan and Continental.

Forest Hills has outstanding elementary schools - among the best in the city. In fact, whenever anyone throws a 'We're moving to Bushwick' at you, just go to and check out ps 101 and 196 test scores. You made the right choice by dropping anchor in 11375, believe me.

However, the Junior High (Russel Sage 190) and the high school stink. Half of Forest Hills residents aren't even zoned for Forest Hills high school, we're zoned for Hillcrest. It's always been a knock on FoHi.

But with these new schools zoned for us, hopefully they'll approach the success of the elementary schools. And if they don't, well there's always the impeccable Kew Forest School. Hank Azaria's alma mater. If it's good enough for the most underrated hilarious character actor in show business, it's good enough for me. Now, about that $18K tuition. . .