Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Greenmarket Forest Hills

There's been some talk in the comments about getting a Greenmarket in Forest Hills. Here is from information from the coordinator's website.

Where are the markets held?
Markets are held in parks, playgrounds, parking lots, sidewalks, closed streets and other available open spaces. We endeavor, with community support and assistance, to find spaces that give the markets room to grow and are visible to community residents. See the market map for a current listing of our locations.
I’d like a farmers market in my neighborhood.
Great! We’re always looking for new locations with heavy foot traffic, room for trucks, and community support. For more information call 212-788-7476 or email greenmarket.

Where do you think it should go if we get one in Forest Hills. And be realistic, they're not closing Austin St every Saturday. And, do we need one or do we just like the idea of having one. If we need one (and I think we do - especially for fruit in summer) let's work on getting one.