Thursday, April 5, 2007

Welcome Backburner Readers!

Just saw my blog address posted in one of Backburner's comments and thought it might generate some traffic. Feel free to comment, I don't block anything. Pressing issues:

What should Bang Bang/Vincci/Leather Connection/Mancha Empanada/Art World become? Who has called or emailed the Chamber of Commerce to give them an idea of why these places have closed while Natural Market has lines at 10pm. Trader Joe's seems to have noticed (see below for update).

Why is the SpiderMan 3 premiere in Astoria and not the Midway (Peter Parker's real home town)?

Are you going to the Friends of Station Square fundraiser? My answer: You should, many of these organizations are getting a little long in the tooth and need whatever burst of new energy they can get.

Dee's or Nicks?

Or create your own pressing issue. We're inheriting one of the best towns in New York City. Let's talk about where we want it to go!