Saturday, May 5, 2007

118-02 Queens Blvd Apartments?

Looks like the owner of 118-02 Queens Blvd is looking to change the zone of 118-02 Queens Blvd from a C4-2 to a C4-4D. C4-4D is both a commercial/residential zone so it could be either. Maximum height of 120 feet in a c4-4D. Lower in a C4-2.

However looking at the lots assisnged it might be a bigger project than one building. The lot(s) are at the Forest Hills end of QB by Kew Gardens, near that Kinkos. I'm not against it since it's a mess down there. But no medical pavillions to serve Briarwood residents without insurance please.

Anyone with any knowledge on lots and zones is welcome to comment. I don't know anything about it.