Monday, May 14, 2007

Congrats Atlas Park

Just a quick note to congratulate the people behind the-just-about-completed Atlas Park. I went over the weekend and what they've done in the last year is just amazing. It's wide open, certain parts keep the industrial feel of the Atlas railroad terminal it was before the area was built. And, it's going after the right tenants.

Dahlia Flowers, one of the tenants, has only two other stores - one at Grand Central Station, the other at Rockefeller Plaza. I asked the manager why put the third one in a defunct railroad terminal in Glendale Queens. She said 'because they asked'. Hear that landlord of Vincci?

Make no mistake, the developers of Atlas Park are counting on people like us to make the venture successful. With Borders Cafe, Joseph A. Bank, Amish Market, Marni, White House Black Market, Starbucks, Shiro, Chopin Chemists, Pasticcio, Rosetta Wines, and more on the way, let's face it, it's not trying to lure anyone away from Queens Center Mall.

The onions on these guys who built this. Can you imagine how easy (and profitable) it would have been just to build crappy housing, medical offices, or a second-rate corporate park? Between the design and choice of retail/dining, it's clear they have a very specific upscale/hip shopper in mind. And they have not wavered from that target - no matter how many times Value Depot has called. It's nice to see somebody actually seem to want our business. I hope those of us with cars find the time to check it out.

Anyway, congrats Atlas Park. How do we get your leasing staff to work on Austin Street.