Thursday, May 24, 2007

Congratulations Little Guys

The New York City Department of Education released the 2006-2007 English Reading Comprehension test scores this week. Because of a law change, city scores were predicted to go down. The law said that recent immigrants (those here for at least one year) must take the test. Before this year, if you were here for 3 years or less, you were exempt. Well, city test scores did go down. From the Daily News:

New York's elementary school students' reading scores fell across the board this year - but instead of knocking the kids or teachers, school officials put the blame on the feds.
A new federal requirement has compelled more non-English-speaking students to take the tests this year, lowering the overall scores

There were only a handful of schools that actually did better than the year before. And guess what? Yes, PS 101 was among them. 2006 92% of third graders passed. 2007 it went UP to 93.3%. PS 196 also went up (as usual), but I don't remember the scores.

Check them out here . Guess we got some pretty smart immigrants coming to Forest Hills.