Tuesday, May 29, 2007

DB's Wins Over Another

Another great review for DB's (Danny Brown's) which is quickly becoming Forest Hills' coolest restaurant. Is it in Nick's territory yet? The Forest Hills 72 restaurant categories are much like those of hurricanes. Nick's is a category 5. It's where you take your most close-minded Manhattanite friends (we all have them) and send them back on the F saying 'now I get it.' You might even get another visit next year.

On the notch below, category 4's include Dee's, Q, Pinang, Five Burros and a few others. Those same Woody Allen wannabees will give you a "This is really good. . .for Queens." Most Forest Hills restaurants are 3 and below. You'd sooner order a few pies from AJ's than take them there.

Side Note:

DB's and Jade opened at about the same time. Jade got all the press, is in a superior location, and has much more room. Yet, there seems to be no contest in which is a better dining experience. Plus, via Queens Central there are preliminary reports of Bartini's crowd invading Jade's silly Morroccan lounge. Now that's a lot of cell phones.

Congrats DB's for making it about the food.