Monday, May 14, 2007

The End is Near

Speaking of non-descript shitty medical offices. . .

This sign just went up in front of the last remaining eastside townhouse on 72nd Ave between QB and Austin. The new owner/douche - Franklin Baharestani aka Frank Bahar - has single-handedly changed the character of block by buying the early century townhouses one by one - tearing them down - and putting up semi-tall office buildings in their place. He even puts his initials on the top for full villainous effect.

Previous Bahar works on the block:

Town House at 108-14 72nd Ave: Demolished 2002 (left of townhouse pictured)

Town House at 108-10 72nd Ave: Demolished 2006 (right of townhouse pictured)

And the pictured Town House at 108-12 72nd Ave: To Be Demolished 2007........................................
How does one man take a row of townhouses in the one of the best neighborhoods in NYC and make it an office park? Who's to blame? Stuchinski? She doesn't care about Austin St., only 7-11's on Metropolitan. Bloomberg? Come on. Melinda Katz? There's a start.

All of this happened under Melinda Katz and does she really want her legacy to be turning 72nd Ave. from townhouse row into office building alley? If she's seeking higher office - and of course she is - she can't want this on her record.

Also, is this legal? The buildings are in a C4-2 zone which is supposedly low-rise commercial. Are four story office buildings legal in a C4-2? If you think it's no big deal - Natural, 5 Burros, and pretty much all of Austin St. east of Continental is a C4-2 so what's to stop Bahar from buying all of them? Granted, this is only one half block of the hundreds that make up Forest Hills. But do we need more protection to preserve some of the key other ones?

Finally, do we care? That's not a knock, but are these townhouses really considered important to Forest Hills. I mean, there are still townhouses across the street from Bahar Alley and those business aren't exactly the cream of the crop (Dakota Realty 4 U). This isn't Station Square or Austin St. Park we're talking about. But still, if someone wanted to make a stink about this, I'd like to join. I'd love to force Bahar to keep this townhouse intact and remind himself of what used to be there. If anyone has any experience in blocking something like this, let's hear it.
I can understand one townhouse, but the entire block without a whimper from a public official? Am I missing something?