Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Forest Hills to the Outside World

Here's an excerpt of a diary-type blog of a guy who moved to Brooklyn from Pittsburgh a few weeks ago. He had a job interview (Jet-Blue) in Forest Hills. He describes the neighborhood a bit:

"10:20am - Finding my connection to the F train in Manhattan was a breeze. I arrive in Forest Hills, Queens a little more than an hour and a half early for my interview, decide to find the building my interview is in and then go exploring. Forest Hills seems a bit more like small town than Prospect Park (Brooklyn) in that there are little shops along the street, it's not nearly as dirty, and the streets are tree lined. All the blues and greens stand out it all looks sort of quaint, I suppose."

If you read the rest of the blog, you'll see he's pretty stereotypical of a young person moving to NYC. Backburner would love a guy like this to move to Forest Hills. Looks like the guy wouldn't mind either.