Friday, May 18, 2007

Townhouse Update 9:13AM EDT 5/18

Just spoke to Coucilwoman Katz's office. They are aware of the townhouse situation and according to her office PUT IN A STOP WORK ORDER ON THE SITE.

Hopefully Bahar will observe the stop work order. If you see work being done on the site, call 311 immediately. Tell them you were told a stop work order was on the site, but there is still work being done.

Keep calling Coucilwoman Katz's office at 718-544-8800. Ask for James, he's the one heading up the 72nd Ave. townhouse situation.

If by some miracle this thing is stopped and the townhouse remains, a huge thank you to the unlikely pair of the Queens Crapper (who was writing about this back in February) and Councilwoman Melinda Katz. But that's premature at this point since I have my doubts on Bahar observing the stop work order.

Keep calling Melinda Katz. Her office seemed relieved to be talking to someone under 70 and she needs to know we're paying attention.