Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Martha's Country Bakery is Open

The much blogged about Martha's Country Bakery is open and it looks excellent. It's more of a pastry bakery than breads. Good coffee, and most importantly, delivered in cups with raised lids. Before now, Starbucks was the only place in Forest Hills to get the superior-designed raised lids. Everything else is flat. Small detail, but it speaks of the detail and effort that Martha's shows.

It's a long narrow shop with seating in the back. It's not throw-away seating like you find at Bagels Etc, but well designed small colorful block chairs and booths. There are some signs on the wall with kitschy sayings (Life's too short for coffee, have a danish too). It's obvious they're not just going after Saturday customers on their way to Verizon Wireless, like those dirty pizza places on Continental.

You get the feeling that they're trying, which immediately puts them in the top 10% of Forest Hills restaurants.


Broadway Bakery: If you're not blasted out of the place with the static-y radio booming salsa, you're rewarded with stale donut reeking of pizza and watery coffee. Winner? Martha's in a landslide.

The Romanian Bakery on 67th: People love this place, but they're assholes behind the counter and I can't give them any business. Crappy location. Winner? Martha's.

Bonnelle on Ascan: Great coffee (but in flat lids), and terrific pastries and bread. About 1/10th the size of Martha's. Better location in my opinion. Winner? Bonnelle because of the bread, but it's still very early.

Queens Central also went there this morning so please check out his report.