Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Note to Martha's: Scrap the Waitress Service

My wife and son walked me to the LIRR this morning. Was a little early for the next train so we went to Martha's. We made our orders, coffee (iced for her) and a cupcake for the boy. Counter person asked if we were staying or going. I said staying since I had about ten minutes to kill before the train. That's where the trouble started.

She told us to sit down. Now it's a full-on waitress service. Menus, water, all of it. Then everyone behind the counter was confused - did they order already or should we do it again with the waitress? Who got the cupcake? What kind was it?

Martha's, don't make this harder than it has to be. Just serve the coffee/pastries at the counter and let people sit down for five minutes to enjoy it.

I say this because I don't Martha's to get Cami'ed, which apparently is happening at Cabana Express. Cafe Cami was that elusive American Bistro that everyone at is wishing for. Well it existed about two years ago. The food was the best on Austin Street by far. But the place went under because the service was so incredibly slow (and the location sucked). Nobody had two hours to spare for a stack of blueberry pancakes - no matter how great they were.

Scrap the waitress service. We would have gone to Piu Bello if we wanted that. Just let us order and sit for a few minutes. It's worked out okay for Starbucks.