Monday, May 21, 2007

Townhouse Lost

It's not going to happen for the last townhouse on the east side of 72nd Ave. Just spoke to Melinda Katz's office and there really isn't anything they can do to stop it. Bahar's plans conform to the zone (though I have my doubts) and he can do what he wants. What he's going to want is to tear down the historic house and put up an ugly medical clinic. It's a loss anyway you look at it.

James in Katz's office left messages to Bahar (real name Franklin Baharestani) to talk to him about preserving the look of the townhouse. But even if Bahar calls James back, the Katz office request will be just that, a request. There's nothing legally stoping Bahar from tearing down the townhouse, which he surely will do.

Not a good way to start the week.