Saturday, June 16, 2007

7-11 Meets With Community

The husband and wife (Alan Dumain, 59, and his wife, Phyllis, 57) owners of the new 7-11 on Metropolitan Ave. and Continental met with the area neighbors a few days ago. A big concern is that the delivery truck will come between 2am and 3am. Apparently, it has to be in overnight because it would clog Metropolitan traffic in the day.

Also discussed is neighbors' concerns that little bastards will hang out in the parking lot and tag everything in site. The 7-11 owners said they own another one on Eliot Ave and said they don't put up with that shit.

"We can take care of it at 7-Eleven, and we have," Phyllis Dumain said. "But that doesn't take the problem out of the community."

Good point Phyllis.