Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Again With The Townhouses?

Yes, we're back on those 72nd ave townhouses again. Here's the latest.

I spoke with James McClelland of Melinda Katz's office on Monday. He said he has sent in what's called an "RFE" (Request For Evaluation, I think) for that great row of white towhouses on 72nd Ave, the only buildings of their kind in FoHi's business district. They're also the oldest structures in Forest Hills (not including Barbara Stuchinski). James has been very responsive and calls me at least once a week with updates. It's definitely appreciated.

There's also the efforts of a preservationist group headed by Michael Perlman and Jeff Gotlieb outlined in this blog last week. So it looks like there will be an effort to save these. Whether it's successful or not known.

In the meantime, at this point it's crucial for you to write the LPC and tell them you want the townhouses landmarked. It'll be good for the business district, good for the look of the area, and good for your property value.
Otherwise, they will be knocked down and replaced with more boxy medical offices. These townhouses are part of what makes Forest Hills. They predate us by 100 years and they need your help. Thanks.

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