Sunday, June 10, 2007

Buttons and Banks

Just got back from out of town for the weekend. Will have some new content tomorrow.

According to, there's going to be a bank where Cold Stone Creamery was, and a button place (a place that sells buttons) where some wireless crap store was in AQUA next to the bicycle store.

Quick analysis, no problem with the button place. If it were open for 80 years on Mulberry St., the NY Times would write columns about it and we'd all be saying that we need a quaint neighborhood place like that. And landlords are always going to go after banks, they're a sure thing (literally, money in the bank). It's quiet and closes early. I don't hate banks as much as everyone else seems to. I know it's disappointing we didn't get that American Bistro we're all waiting for, but both new places are neighborhood neutral and we don't get better or worse. Could have been check cashing and fried seafood.

Hope the parade was fun, sorry I missed it. I always love seeing the idiots circling the block looking for a way to drive to TGI Fridays.