Sunday, June 3, 2007

Children's Day in the Gardens

Saturday was Children's Day in Flagpole Park. They got a bunch of rides, bigger than I would have thought by the way. I was expecting an old pony and maybe a picture booth. But they came full on with the giant inflatable slide, moonwalk thing, inflatable mountain, and a full size horse. Plus some other real county-fair type rides. Great job.

The cover band of eight-year olds (or at least that's what they looked like, they were actually probably high schoolers) played a lot of Green Day covers. And they threw in a couple of Guns and Roses in there too. Nice to see high school bands are still doing the Axl version of Knockin' On Heaven's Door.

But my favorite part of the day was the raffle. They announced the winners, not by number, but by last name (you had to fill out each ticket w/ your name & number). Once they started calling out the last names of the winners, you knew you were in the Gardens.

Nash. Riley. Hunter. Not a Rosenbaum or Ortiz in the bunch.