Thursday, June 21, 2007

Food Vendors on Continental

It was a hot topic at the Community Board meeting this month. CB 6 meetings happen once a month usually the third Wednesday of that month. They are held by the weird Nathan's/Travel place at the start of Kew Gardens on QB. Try to make it to one.

The food vendor story:

Some people are complaining about the vendors on Continental between QB and Austin St. - saying they're illegal. It looks like the law is on the vendors' side however. I guess restaurants are complaining about them. Forest Hills Chamber of Commerce President Leslie Brown:

""I've heard they're spreading out to 70th Road," Brown said, referring to Forest Hills' restaurant row. She is putting her faith in Katz's office to suggest legislation outlawing the vendors in Forest Hills. "

Let them spread out all over Forest Hills, who cares? Maybe more food options for our annoying weekenders will result in area restaurants actually having to serve more discerning Forest Hills residents. If you're going to charge $20 (plus tax and tip) for a brunch, you gotta give me more than scrambled eggs and a shot glass of orange juice. Screw you and your flat mimosa.