Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Make Music New York Quick Review

Last Thursday was Make Music New York, with small scale performances throughout the city including Forest Hills.

There was no stage, they played on the sidewalk on the Continental side of Citibank. The two acts I saw were a steel drum player and a folk singer. Some people stopped and watched, others kept walking. I thought it lent a great urban feel to the increasingly urban Continental, with its nut cart and fruit stands.

The intervals of rain kinda screwed with the momentum the event was gaining throughout the evening. That and the fact that one of the acts (Mike Butler) either was very late or didn't show caused a long delay in the music. Note to the organizers, if the talent is to go on at 7pm, tell them 6. Musicians can't tell time.

I hope they do it next year. One suggestion, Continental is just too busy to have something like this. Would love to see a site at the Austin St. park in AQUA or closer to Station Square.

But definitely a success and try to make it next year.