Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Metropolitan Ave in the News

Sorry about the lack of new stuff. But there really hasn't been much happening - unless you live down by Metropolitan. . . Lots of stuff down there.

It looks like the old Parkside Press location (106-17 Metropolitan Ave) is going to become a restaurant. It's on the same block as the movie theatre and the outdoor Theater Cafe.

The new restaurant looks like it's going to be well-designed upscale with nice white French doors and cool looking lighting fixtures above them. The windows are all papered up, but the architecture plans are visible which call for an elaborate new kitchen system - which leads me to believe it's a restaurant.

With Dee's Brick Oven, DB's Bistro, Theater Cafe, Eddy's Sweet Shop, and this new upscale place, Metropolitan in the 72nd/Ascan area has really become a very cool couple of blocks.

While it seems far away, it's only 7/10ths of a mile from the Ascan/Austin intersection. A very nice walk away.

A little further west on Metropolitan Ave - the 7-11 is complete and I don't know why it's not open yet. Just dotting the i's at this point I guess. It's huge. It looks like a supermarket. The locals are still worried about kids hanging out there, but as the owner put it - it's either they hang out there or somewhere else - they're your kids not ours. But she said she'll take whatever steps she can to ensure they don't congregate. With no public transportation nearby, I'm sure any kids who hang out there will be the pretty much harmless Forest Hills type with skateboards and ipods, not bandanas and guns.

In other Metropolitan Ave news, the decrepit car repair place at the corner of Metropolitan and Continental has been purchased, fenced off, and torn down. A tear-down that even Queens Crap couldn't oppose. No word on what the new building will look like or be. But since the area was recently rezoned, don't expect condos or offices.

So big things for Austin St's cooler cousin to the south.