Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Restaurant at Metropolitan and Ascan

As speculated earlier this week, we have confirmation that the new space on Metropolitan Ave. and Ascan will be a restaurant.

A few workers were painting the outside of it today. Outside are white French doors with a large glass window panes above them. The inside is very open white/green/black modern with tables to the left and a bar on the right. It looks like there might be seating in the back OUTSIDE, but that might have just been a back alley. The doors in the back of the restaurant opened to something outside. This restaurant definitely looks like a new hip space.

When asked (by my wife) what the type of restaurant it will be, the worker responded "Continental". Though I'm not sure what that means, the workers were polite and seemed like enthusiastic young Americans (just mentioning so we can guess it won't be ethnic food like a Jade or a Latina Cabana Express).

DB's I guess attracted this place since there have been reports of long wait times at Danny's excellent bistro and nowhere else to go except Dee's, which is a different dining experience (and is also impossible to get a table most of the time).

In any case, since a few months ago this was an office supply store, this has to be considered an absolute home run for Forest Hills. Granted, it's a little far, but Metropolitan and Ascan is a beautiful walk from AQUA and an even better bike ride from anywhere in Forest Hills.

No word on the name of the place or the chef. From the outside of it, they still look at least a month away from opening.