Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Next Store To Close Is. . .

It's time for the Forest Hills 72 betting pool, where you guess what the next store to close is. Anyone could have guessed Potato Republic was out the outs when they saw the employees eating french fries out of the hot platter in front of the customers. That's was truly awful to see, considering how many times I've eaten there.

We'll keep it to stores on QB and Austin and side streets from Yellowstone to Ascan. Judging by upkeep, store traffic, incoming competition, increased rent, and employee morale, can you guess the next "For Rent" location? The winner gets his house bulldozed by Frank Baharastani and replaces it with a bank that sells cell phones and pastries.

I'll get the betting going. My pick is Radio Shack - Continental Ave.