Monday, June 11, 2007

The Ugliest Billboard in New York?

Gotta go to the huge car wash banner just East of Trader Joe's on Metropolitan. Railroad tressle banners are rare (Continental and Ascan don't have them) and to have one this big - I haven't seen it anywhere else in the city. Is this really going to be the introduction to Forest Hills by thousands of daily visitors to TJ's? Wasn't it embarrassing enough to have Bloomberg march underneath it on Memorial Day? I know it's not prime Forest Hills, but still, it's so ugly.

Does anyone know who owns this railroad tressle? If it's the MTA, I'm sure we can do something to get it taken down before TJ's opens.
It's bad enough they have a tremendous neon sign that's more fit for a rest-stop on I-95 than smack in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And it's bad enough that it's open 24 hours, despite a very vocal community effort to restrict it to 6am - Midnight. But this billboard takes the cake. It's the gotta most classless thing in Forest Hills, and that's not an easy title to win.