Sunday, June 17, 2007

Welcome Fay-Da

The Croissant Shoppe/Sushi Joint has a new tenant. Welcome Fay-Da bakery! With stores in Chinatown and Flushing, Fay-Da is a Chinese bakery that has both pastries and breads. From the website

In the Spring of 1991, following years of working for multiple Chinese bakeries, young Han Chow set off to jump-start his own bakery. Fay Da Bakery’s first location opened on Center Street in downtown Manhattan. This location was considered off-Chinatown a decade ago, but the location still served many Chinese commuters from other boroughs coming off the Canal Street train station. Due to high demands, Mr. Chow decided to open a centrally located Fay Da Bakery within the Chinese community on Grand Street.

Our customers are fine tuned with their taste buds. They know what's a good piece of bread from the bad. We promise freshness to all our baked goods.

Quick analysis: Neighborhood neutral. Obviously, this place isn't going to draw gangbanger wannabees (they'll still go to the Midway), Rego Park taggin' teens (they'll still go to McDonald's) or zipperheads (they'll still go to Bartini's). It just sounds like another option to get bread and pastry, which is good. The only residual effect it may have is the closing of Broadway Bakery, which now has more than its share of competition. But what would we do without BB's mean service, poor quality, dirty floors, and loud poorly-tuned radio?