Thursday, July 26, 2007

August 23rd - Jazzstock Forest Hills!

On Thursday August 23rd, here in our own Forest Hills. There will be not one, but TWO free jazz concerts in two different venues.

The West Side Tennis Club just posted the schedule of events for their Sony Ericsson tune-up to the US Open. Top act is USA's Meilen Tu who lost to Venus Williams at the Bausch and Laum and made to the second round of the French Open and Wimbledon.

But more exciting than the tennis, is the festival. As discussed, the WSTC is beginning to slowly reintegrate with Forest Hills proper. So they're having a few jazz events that week. And one of which is from 12 - 2pm on Thursday August 23rd. The same Thursday August 23rd that will welcome Jack Jeffers to Restaurant Row for the 7pm - 9:30pm jazz concert.

Forest Hills Jazz fans - your day has come. Watch tennis and jazz in the early afternoon. Grab a bite and a few drinks in early evening. And then jazz-out to Jack Jeffers and the New York Classics at night.