Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Congestion Pricing Fails – Nice.

I’ve been against this from the beginning. Why?

  • There is no more traffic in Manhattan than anywhere else in the city. The plan will only make things worse for the 7.2 million who live outside the zone while benefiting the 800k inside.

  • Forest Hills and other transit hubs would become parking lots.

  • If it works and people don’t drive into Manhattan, no money is raised. The only chance we have at raising money is if people drive, thus NOT reducing pollution.

  • The subways are at capacity.

  • If buses are so great, why are will building a 2nd Ave subway.

  • If Manhattan were serious about congestion, they would mandate cabs be spread out among the boroughs.

  • The estimated $13 billion in losses that traffic causes was estimated at $4 billion just a few years ago by the same group. Even though traffic has gone down in that period. How can you trust those numbers?

  • The money raised would just go to running the complex plan, just like London.

  • People who pay city taxes, should not be charged to enter parts of that city. Make the damn thing citywide or eliminate the city Personal Income Tax.

  • I don’t like bike riding 25 year olds from Michigan (who are never wrong about anything ever) telling me that forcing cars from their neighborhood into mine is actually good for my family.

As I said in my letters to my representatives when Bloomberg first hinted at the plan, I can’t imagine a more divisive and hostile program. And, I was right as the hostility towards everyone against the plan, WHO JUST WANT THE SAME CLEAN AIR FOR THIEIR KIDS AS MANHATTANITES, was vicious.

The best part was when they asked “Well what’s your plan?” My plan for fixing traffic in your area? I don’t know, what’s your plan for fixing my bathroom faucet?

The traffic in Manhattan is no worse than other parts of the city and this would just make it worse. Work on ticketing double parked cars before you ruin neighborhoods. Thank you legislators for showing the real courage and defeating this unfair proposal.