Thursday, July 19, 2007

Congestion Pricing is Dead - Long Live Congestion Pricing

So, it appears that Congestion Pricing is back. Mike Bloomberg who on Monday thought the state Capitol should be torn down, now thinks its back-room dealings are a wonderful way to get things done.

So even though the majority of New York City residents are against it. Even though our legislators are against it, it's going to happen.

Oh, I'm sorry - a commission will study it first then they'll vote. That commission has about the same legitimacy as Satriale's Meat Market. It's a board of puppets that will do anything their leader (Bloomy) tells them to.

Katz, Hevesi, and Weiner - please do the right thing for Forest Hills and make the Congestion zone citywide. Or at least protect us from becoming a great big park n' ride. We don't want the cars any more than Manhattan does and we have just as much traffic. Most of us don't drive to work, why should we become a parking lot for those who do?

Want proof? The "Early Bird" rate at the garage next to the Midway is $12. The early bird rate next to my office in Manhattan is $15. A little more, but hardly worth all the bullshit we've been hearing for the last four months.