Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Forest Hills Food in Blogs

Couple of glowing restaurant reviews by local bloggers:

From Gothamist on Danny Brown's:

ordered a special of homemade gnocchi with English peas topped with fresh ricotta and mint oil. We're usually skittish about ordering these potato dumplings, since we've had leaden versions on more than one occasion. Not only were Danny Brown's dumplings light, they were downright creamy. So much so that they almost had the same texture as the fresh ricotta.

From Food Mayhem on Peking Duck Forest:

The Peking Duck there is superb, from the flavor and texture of the duck skin to the house made wraps, to the friendly chef who carves your duck table side. Don't worry if you're a first timer, the chef also expertly makes each wrap for you with the right proportion of scallion, cucumber, duck and sauce. Just enjoy watching and then eating.

Gothamist takes the obligatory shots at Forest Hills, even though their creator is born and raised in New Jersey. And I haven't been to Peking Duck since East Ocean Palace opened, so maybe they got a new chef.

Anyway, good reviews. On a side note, I went to Portofino at the corner of Ascan and Queens Blvd last night. Just got a slice for my son. Why is that place so popular? Is the beer and wine free with dinner?

If you're in the area, walk the extra couple of blocks to The Family Restaurant. It's not perfect, but as boring Italian restaurants go, it's above the rest. And the service is excellent - and that counts for something.