Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How About a Concert?

Very boring couple of weeks in Forest Hills. So I went to the Billy C and Friends show at Forest Park on Friday.

Whoever was responsible for booking that act should lose their job. I'm not exaggerating. First, there was no band. It was karaoke. Second, the performers looked like OTB rejects. The guys you see looking in the coin slots outside the Continental Avenue station.

Their shirts were dirty. They sang off key. They had to read the words from a monitor. It was completely unfit for public viewing. I couldn't believe it. We wanted to dance but the music was slow country ballads (though was billed as Rock and Roll). Complete embarrasment.

A beautiful night in Forest Park, in a really great bandshell. Under lights. With an open food station nearby. On a Friday. What a waste.

So my question is, would you make it to Forest Park if there were a real rock band playing? Judging from Billy C and Friends who have 4 Friday nights booked there this summer- it's not that hard to get a gig. So if we put together something - even a modern cover band - would you come out?

It's a great facility, but I honestly believe that the Forest Park staff put about as much effort in booking the acts as they do maintaining Flushing Meadows - none. So maybe they need a little help.