Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kew Forest Hardware Building Purchased

The big Kew Forest Hardware building (on the far west end of Austin) was purchased last year. Thanks to the guy on the very cool QueensCentral.com forums who tipped me off to it.

The purchaser was a doctor who currently has an office on 108th and 70th Rd (the heart of the northside of FoHi). I feel funny giving the name out, but you can go to the NYC.gov site and look it up (that's where I got it).

The building was bought in April 2006 and has been vacant since. I have no idea if the good doctor bought it to put up his own medical building or as a real estate investment.

There have been no applications to the buildings department to alter the building, but it's basically a hardware shed so I imagine no matter what his plans are, he's tearing it down.