Friday, July 13, 2007

Medicare Scam Facility Gets High Marks In Queens Chronicle

This article is about the bogus healthcare facility across from the bogus college Bramsonort down by Bann Thai.

"The physicians at HealthMakers in Forest Hills have a singular goal for every person who walks through their clinic’s door: relieve pain so that their patients can lead the healthiest and happiest lives possible."

Actualy, it has a few goals. A) Relieve pain of their patients. B) Have patients drive their Escalades out of the parking lot and do an immediate u-turns blocking traffic only to double park and get a vanilla latte with six sugars. C) Have employees' boyfriends blast bad club music from Maxima's while waiting for their girlfriends to get off work. D) Make sure all patients park on the sidewalk. E) Make sure all patients have a good workman's comp plan, and have them practice their limps at home.