Friday, August 3, 2007

Continental and Metropolitan Lot

That blocked off big lot at Continental and Metropolitan that used to be a auto fix-it shop? There's a big sign posted at the site:


Didn't have the camera, but will try to get a picture tonight. It's still just a hole in the ground anyway. The site (according to the sign) is being developed by "Gabriel Development". However, the phone number listed for Gabriel Development on the sign is a 917 area code.

What, isn't the Time Warner Center's main contact number a cell phone?

Okay, so we're not getting Whole Foods there, but anything is better than that run down chop shop.

What's going in? Judging by the lack of web information on Gabriel Development and the 917 area code it's a complete guess. Let's see - a nearby 7-11 so forget any kind of convenience store. . .a few florists already on the block. . .

My guess: Four stores. 1 bagel place. 1 nail salon. 1 dry cleaner, 1 front (which will take the form of a, I don't know, a tiny drug store - antenka).

What do you think is coming?