Friday, August 31, 2007

In Defense of Chains

I know chain restaurants are the bane of most FoHi residents existence. But. . .

Sometimes, I want mundane, consistent, mediocre food served by an underpaid waiter who has to stick to a script. Sometimes I get sick of going to Nick's and feeling like I'm intruding if I get the wrong waitperson (even though I've been going twice a week for years and tip heavy).

Sometimes, I don't want a tiny "three egg white omelette" at UJ's. Or to be charged for a refill on my coffee at Q. Or be surrounded by old freaks at Austin House. Or don't have a Wednesday night db's dinner in the budget.

Yes, sometimes - and it's not often, maybe twice a year - I want a deep dish, or huge bottomless soda, or singing waitstaff, or a vat of stuffing.

With that in mind comes the Labor Day Poll. If you absolutely had to eat at a chain restaurant, which would it be?