Monday, August 13, 2007

Call the Tax Man

The Karate place "International Karate and Fitness Center" in the old Beach Bum Tanning building on Austin St. near Mandee/Annie Sez is moving. According to webmaster/owner Sensei Anistratov,

"We are moving half a block up Austin St. to a sports facility complex.The new location is at106-06 69th Rd. between Austin St. and the service road on Queens Blvd. It is acroos the street from ''Annie Sez'' & ''Mandees''.We will be holding classes in the ballroom temporarily until the permanent space will be fixed."

That location is the Forest Hills Jewish Center at the corner formed by 69th Rd., Gerard Pl, and Austin St. So a private business is moving into the Jewish Center. There's something fishy about this to me. Let's put a Starbucks in Our Lady Queens of Martyrs while we're at it.