Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Next Stop, Earplugs

An op-ed piece from a FoHi resident in Queens Gazette claims the LIRR train horns have gotten significantly louder recently. Excerpt:

A week or so ago, as I was finishing up a work project on my computer, I was literally startled out of my chair by something that sounded like a tuba crossed with a screeching cat next to my ear. That awful noise was then repeated about every two minutes for at least the next hour or so. And that entire horrible sonata has been playing in full twice a day, with short excerpts throughout the day for more than a week now.

After living and working at home in a co-op directly across from the Long Island Rail Road for 25 years, I was shocked by the unusual timbre, loudness, and repetition of horn toots- the last extending into a scream. Previously there had been no such problem.

Read the whole thing here

It's probably just because they're working on the tracks, but I know those horns can be a bitch. The train noise itself never bothered me.