Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nick's Pizza Familia

From New York Magazine, a nice pizza article with mentions of Nick Angelis and sister Mirene, of Nick's Pizza on Ascan (though it kills me that the click through for Nick's brings you to its Upper East Side page on ).

It all started with a marriage made in pizza heaven: Mirene Angelis, sister to Nick, the thin-crust expert from Queens, married Nick Tsoulos, the coal-oven magnate behind Angelo’s and Patsy’s, creating a loose pizza consensus that informs Nick’s, in Forest Hills and the Upper East Side, Adrienne’s Pizza Bar in the financial district, six Patsy’s locations around town, another Dean’s in Turtle Bay, three Angelo’s — and now, of course, the new Dean’s

We spoke to Nick Angelis, who served as a “free consultant” to his sister and brother-in-law. “The recipes are basically the same [between my places and Dean’s],” he tells us. “It varies according to who’s making it, what the dough is like that day, how the wind is blowing … each place has its own slightly different spin.”