Wednesday, August 8, 2007

NY Post Finds Queens' Hidden Gems

The NY Post has a piece on Queens "hidden gems" today. A lot of it is obvious to anyone who's lived in Queens for 48 hours (is Q Thai Bistro really hidden?), but Forest Hills dominates the list. ECon (East of Continental) scores big in the piece with blurbs about Thank Heaven, Irish Cottage, Wine Gallery, Aimee and Micciche salons, Cheeses of the World, Sakura Ya, and Q Bistro.

WeCon? Bubkis. No Martha's, no Baan Thai, no Corfu, no D & L salon. My guess is that the writer took a left on Austin from the subway and didn't look back. The Q blurb:

Even though this bistro/wine bar - which serves up chicken satay and mango pancakes for brunch - is still considered under the radar, it probably won't be for long. When we went to check it out a couple of weekends ago, it was mobbed.

Anyway, great timing with people reading the same newspaper about 50 times today while waiting for trains.