Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Welcome! Sort of. . .

I was reluctant to put this link on the blog. It's from yet another Manhattanite (who works at a magazine apparently) who just moved to Forest Hills.

Everyone knows I welcome people like this (My wife and I both are ones), but this is one unusually self-hating Forest Hillian. Read the whole thing at the condescendingly titled "Queensbroad's Weblog" here Priced Out of Manhattan. Excerpts:

So I’m in Forest Hills as of August 17th, 2007. This is “Central Queens.” I live in a big apartment in a pre-war buildings. Lots of trees.

It’s not cool to magazineland. It means I am a loser. You can get away with living in Brooklyn, if you must fall back to a borough. But not Queens.

This is going to be tricky because THE MAGAZINE that now employs me is fueled by image and perception. To thrive here, I must be cool. I’m a mom and most definitely perimenopausal and haven’t danced in a club since the 1980s.

Can I do this?

I know she's trying to be funny, but ease up on the loser thing. This is Forest Hills. Even in "magazine-land" the magical place where my wife also works, it's okay - there are TONS of media people living here. And since when did doing everything that people say is cool make you cool?

Update: Per the 11th comment, she likes it.