Saturday, August 11, 2007

You Can Get There From Here

If I don't have a car, how will I get to Trader Joe's? Here's how:

1. Rent one. AQUA's East Coast Rental on QB will run you $55 a weekday and $189 for a weekend (3 day minimum).

2. Car Service. Never thought you'd be one of those people showing up at the supermarket in a livery cab? Well, how many of you thought you'd be living in Queens. From Continental Ave. Subway station to Trader Joe's will cost you $6 each way according to Four Ones.

3. The Q23 bus. At two dollars a pop (unless you have an unlimited), I'd say go with the livery, but for those looking to minimize costs, the route is below.

4. The Trader Joe's Co-Op. This is the lazy version of the strictly regimented Park Slope Food-Co, where they make you work. This is a group of us who give each other rides down to TJ's or pick up items for them. Details to come. . .and will probably be abandoned due to realization that there's way too much thought going into getting to a grocery store.