Thursday, September 13, 2007

64th Ave and Yellowstone - Manhattan East

This one in the Queens Courier and focused on the opening party last week.


“This is like a Manhattan sales party,” said Kew Gardens resident Kanessa Tixe, a public relations person for Quinn & Co. in Manhattan. “This is definitely big news in the area.”

So far 25 percent of the apartments have been sold, and after the opening, brokers were invited to sell units as well.

Traditionally developments are often built in neighborhoods that are up and coming but lacking community resources, Developer Sha Dinour said. However, Forest Hills already has an established community and infrastructure.“Look at Austin Street,” he said, “It could be any street in Manhattan.”

Many of the new residents are from Manhattan, and Dinour imagined a couple, one person working on Wall Street and the other in Long Island.

But most impressive of all, it gets the seal of approval of an actual Manhattanite

“I think of Forest Hills as competitive with Manhattan but the price is better,” said Manhattan native Barbara Rossi, who said she has been tempted to cross the East River “far too many times.”

Wow, the Manhattanite seal of approval. Powerful stuff.