Friday, September 14, 2007

Chamber of Commerce - Way to Promote!

Here's the first paragraph some area Chamber of Commerce websites' description of their town. After reading, which one would you invest your business in?

Long Island City

Long Island City is the westernmost part of Queens, just a few minutes across the East River from midtown Manhattan. Its close proximity to midtown, and its ample transportation connections, has made it an increasingly attractive location for all types of businesses.
New York City is moving ahead with various projects to encourage additional commercial development in Long Island City, while preserving already well-established manufacturing, distribution and industrial services, and supporting a thriving arts sector.


Ever since Robert Gair discovered a location with access to shipping just north of the new Brooklyn Bridge in the 1880’s, the neighborhood saw a rise of factories, warehouses, and dock storehouses. Now known as Dumbo (which stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), these old factories have been converted into million-dollar lofts and old warehouses into art galleries and theatres. Dumbo is not quite Brooklyn brownstone and not quite Manhattan glass condo. With its exposed Belgian block streets anchored by massive bridge structures, Dumbo has a unique character all its own.

Forest Hills

Forest Hills, an ethnically diverse area, is composed of young families as well as a large senior population. In recent years Russian immigrants have joined our neighborhood. Middle Eastern and Eastern European specialty food markets, Russian language video stores and establishments catering to the Russian Jewish population can be found on 108th Street.

No Nick's. No db Bistro. No Barnes and Noble or West Side Tennis Club. And this is who is pitching us to the commercial world. Granted, further down they get into the Gardens, tennis, shopping, and talk about more commercially attractive things - but why lead with Russian language video stores on 108th?

I know that the development director of Cosi isn't surfing Chamber of Commerce sites for location ideas. But somehow Atlas Park got Joseph A. Bank and Pasticcio, and we got Value Depot and Great Buttons - even though Atlas Park's biggest claim is that they're "next to Forest Hills."