Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Comeback of Karen Koslowitz

Forest Hills Councilmember Melinda Katz gets booted at the end of 2009 due to term limits. While the election is more than two years away, one hopeful has already expressed interest. Per the NY Sun:

A former council member of Queens who was termed out of office in 2001, Karen Koslowitz, said she is "thinking very, very seriously" about running for her old seat.

"I did a lot of good things as a councilwoman," Ms. Koslowitz, the deputy president of Queens, said. "The fact is, I'm allowed to run for the City Council and it's up to the people in my district" to decide "if they want me."

Koslowitz was our councilmember before Melinda Katz. There's a debate going on whether under current term limit law she should be allowed to return - that's what the NY Sun article is about.

I believe Koslowitz was a good councilmember for Forest Hills. She definitely is interested in Austin Street and fought like hell to get that strip club Runway 69 closed, which some say was the turning point of the new Forest Hills.

After that, there was a ton of development where the club was including the Barnes and Noble, TGI Fridays', The Disney Store (now Ann Taylor Loft), Uno's, and basically the formation of the west side of Austin Street.

She also in power for the $7 million renovation of the LIRR Forest Hills station, which was christened by Gov. Pataki. Plus secured $960,000 for improvements to Continental Avenue from the LIRR tressle to Queens Blvd. So she's not a candidate to be dismissed out-of-hand.

As the election grows closer, this blog will focus on other possible entrants (all complete speculation at this point), including Katz spokesman James McClelland, Forest Hills resident and civic champion David Oats and others.

Community Board 6 and Forest Hills in general is a hot spot for political ambition (Weiner/Geraldine Ferraro/Hevesi). Expect a better race this time around than Melinda Katz' last two uncontested victories. - who with her bio, history, and community ties was simply unbeatable.

But with Koslowitz's apparent interest, it's already heating up.