Friday, September 28, 2007

Awesome Post Alert!!! Denied - But Is It Really The Last We've Heard?

Gerard Caliendo is the architect of choice for Forest Hills. I don't know why, but his name is attached to almost all of Austin Street west of 71st Ave. You've all seen his Heskel Hotel drawing.

Here's one you probably didn't see. Earlier this year a major change was proposed by the owner of the Austin strip of stores just west of Continental. It includes b-list retail Vivi Bimbi, Kick Up, Garo's Bootery, and what now is the sales office for Novo 64. The change called for adding two stories and basically turning it into a mini shopping center.
It was denied. But do you really think the sales office for Novo 64 is the long term tenant the owner of this super valuable piece of commercial real estate is sticking with? Once the right palms get greased, behold the future of Austin Street West.

Feel free to use the post, but please give the blog a mention (Forest Hills Ledger)- this is a good one.

Before you dismiss out of hand as ugly or too much traffic - we're not getting a Whole Foods type place unless we build things like this. However, if it's a Circuit City, it's weekenders all week long. Side note to Caliendo: having a traffic jam in the drawing itself doesn't help your case.