Saturday, September 1, 2007

FoHi in Blogs

Here's a quick weekly review of what people are saying about our town from the inside out. . .

This former Beantown resident doesn't want to admit living in Queens, but can't deny that the Forest Hills branch of the library kicks ass

Okay, here is the coolest part. So I get the attention of one of the people on the official looking other side of the counter, tell her it's my first time here and she patiently shows me how to use the utterly awesome cool checkout system.

This girl rode the subway out to Forest Hills and found it's nice

I set a personal record for subway distance this weekend, riding the F train out to Forest Hills, Queens, a little slice of greenery that bore a closer resemblance to London or Holland than to New York City (which, I had to keep reminding myself, is where we were still located).

And this Washington DC insider now living in Burbank CA names AJ's Pizza as the best pizza place in America.

What is your favorite Pizza place? Mine is AJ's Pizza in Forest Hills, NY. Nothing beats an Upside down Sicilian slice on a winter's day.