Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Forest Hills vs. Fort Greene

Here's a post from someone who's looking to move to New York City from the midwest I think - or maybe they're already here.

Here's the deal: Our lease ends Feb 28th. Today is September 24th. That leaves us 3 months to search, scour, and scorn the bureaus of Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens to find a place for us to move into on March 1st!

They've narrowed the choices between Forest Hills and Fort Greene. We're losing.

Right now, I'm focusing on Forest Hills, where we're going on Sunday. It's very affordable for us, and we like that, but one thing scares me. Based on the interiors of the apartments i've seen online, I'm convinced that everyone in Forest Hills is a grandma.

. . .every apartment is furnished in the most god awful, tired way. And Im not talking about Golden Girls grandma...they at least had some Florida style, while not my style, it worked for them. Plus, I love the Golden Girls (my friends said I was most like Dorothy) But what Im talking about here is just sad. Furniture from the 50s (and not that cool midcentury stuff, either). Heavy curtains. Books crammed on old, antique book shelves. Dark paneling.

And in Fort Greene's favor:

Well, we actually went to Fort Greene to visit a friend who just had their baby, and little did we know we were actually interviewing this cool neighborhood south of Manhattan. . .Great neighborhood..perfect for a kid and a dog.

Oh well, looks like we might lose this one to Fort Greene - which apparently is perfect for kids. And the dogs that eat them.

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