Thursday, September 13, 2007

From The Team that Brought You Trader Joe's. . .

RKF, the real estate group that brought Trader Joe's to Forest Hills never rests.

The building next to TJ's (pictured above) has been officially converted by city zoning from offices to retail. The entire second floor at 8200 square feet has already been rented to a yet-unknown tenant. 8200 is big - that big ugly Men's Warehouse down Austin St. is 5500.

So, how do you follow Trader Joe's? We don't know. But with a history of Staples, Michael's, and Sports Authority, you gotta think two things: big and chain.

Morning Line
H & M 20:1
Strauss Auto 15:1
Best Buy: 25:1
American Apparel: 50:1
Babies R Us: 8:1
Diesel: 100:1
Petsmart: 30:1
Field: 4:1